Female Hypnotherapy Patient

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Are there issues in your life that are holding you back? Fear of flying, of speaking in public, or of dentists maybe, or a lack confidence that means you freeze in exams? With one or two sessions of hypnosis, we can often break the hold these issues have over you, setting you free to live your life

Phobias and fears, bad habits, anxiety and lack of confidence, are things that can influence our lives beyond what we know to be ‘sensible’, but we often can’t do anything about it by ourselves. Often, using hypnotherapy to bring about a mindset change will take away the issue that is causing you to stumble, breaking its hold over you.

Hypnotherapy is different from stage hypnosis. I won’t ever humiliate you, or make you do something you don’t want to. However, the point of clinical hypnosis is to change how your mind works in a certain area, and therefore change your behaviour, so I will be making you behave differently, but only with your consent.

For more questions about hypnosis, see my FAQs page.

So what’s next?

I offer a free consultation to all my clients, to discuss how I can best help you. You can ask me whatever you like. Hypnotherapy sometimes has a bad press, and is often confused with stage hypnosis – please ask me, if you’re worried about anything!

Once I’ve set your mind at rest (I hope), we can discuss how many sessions you might need, and how they will work.

Often one or two sessions are all that is needed, to change your thought patterns, develop new behaviours and move forwards. More complex issues can take longer to resolve. 

My clients come to me for help with various subjects, including:

• Bad habits

• Dating confidence

• Dental fears

• Driving test nerves

• Exam nerves

• Flying fears

• Motivation

• Nail biting

• Performance anxiety

• Presentation nerves

• Public speaking

• Relationship issues

• Self-confidence and self-esteem

• Social confidence

• Sports performance

• Weight Management

So, call me on 07973 642749 or email me at pennygeorgeuk@gmail.com and set up a free consultation.