What My Clients Say 



Sarah - Radiotherapy Phobia 


Being diagnosed with a head & neck cancer is terrifying enough, but then when you have to face one of your worst phobias as part of your potentially life saving treatment I went into a total tail spin and was not at all sure I could go through with it . 

I have always suffered from claustrophobia - I cannot bear my face to be covered with a sheet ... as part of my radiotherapy I had to have a tight fitting mask made that would be secured to a bed which was part of the radiotherapy machine .


One option was to take anti anxiety medication however I don’t react well to those types of drugs and the prospect of having to be sedated terrified me . I investigated other options and found Penny. 


I cannot express how much Penny helped me, her treatment gave me the tools to cope with the radiotherapy. I managed to cope with 6 weeks of daily treatment without any medication totally as a result of Penny and her kind  and patient understanding of my concerns and fear . The tools that her treatment gave me have helped me immeasurably. She enabled me to overcome and deal with something I have never been able to before . I do not have the words to express how thankful I am for all the incredible help and support that Penny has given me.

Helen - Running 10K 


I came to Penny because I was due to run the Herts 10k and I was having a mental block in my training.  I knew I could run the distance, but my head was telling me that I couldn’t and it was too hard.  I knew that with that attitude it would lead to failure and reinforce my belief even further.  Penny helped me, in one session, to find the resources to break through that mental block and run the race in a great time and I even managed to beat both my husband and a colleague, which was even better - a brilliant result. Thank you Penny.


Katie - Low Self Confidence 


Over the last couple of years I seemed to have lost all my self confidence.  It had become so low that it was affecting every part of my life.  I was working in a job I knew was not right but didn’t seem to have the confidence to apply for anything better.  My relationship with my boyfriend had meant that I had become timid and introverted so we rarely went out and socialised or had any fun.  And even worse, I couldn’t look in a mirror at my body, even though I was told how attractive I was, I just didn’t see it.  Penny and I worked together and after a few sessions, things started to change.  I decided that I needed to get that job I wanted, so I applied and I did.  I started to become confident in my relationship, no longer being the one left at home feeling lonely and unhappy.  We have become much closer and it frightens me how that could have gone if things had not changed.  And without losing a pound in weight, the confidence I felt in my body just surged, and now it is such a different story that I’ve even done some modelling.  Penny told me that I had always had all the answers, she just helped me unlock them.

Alexander - Life Coaching 

I have worked with Penny for about three years and she has been of tremendous help and support to me both as a personal and business coach.  She quickly identified the most effective way to communicate with me and helped me understand some of my subconscious actions. Penny has helped me to approach and manage my personal life better and consequently improved my approach to business.  Penny’s meetings help me feel sharp, focused and positive.

Mark - Exam Nerves

I came to see Penny because as part of my medical degree I had a critical assessment exam coming up and my nerves had taken over and I was finding even thinking about it a problem.  So I badly needed that confidence boost so I spoke with Penny and she put together a tailored programme to increase my confidence just when I needed it.  Before the assessment I was calm and ready and the assessment went really well and I have now reached the next level in my training.  I would recommend Penny to anyone looking to deal with their nerves in this way.


Julie - Weight


I’ve had always struggled with my weight.  Nothing and no one had been able to help and in fact the more diets I tried the more weight I put on.  What made it worse was that my husband and sisters didn't have a problem and I was the one feeling unattractive and miserable.  I worked with Penny on all the issues that were causing my weight gain, from feelings I had about myself since I was a child to bad habits and sloppy eating.  I can happily say that I'm not overweight anymore and my confidence has soared.

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